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What is PAC+CARE?

PAC+CARE is Pac Fire’s Managed Service program. It is designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated outsourced facility for agencies through which Australian Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations are met.

PAC+CARE aims to ensure PPE/C is fit for purpose throughout its operational life and meets all the necessary standards as well as performance requirements. This is achieved through regular monitoring, inspection and maintenance.

Which PAC+CARE service is right for my PPE/C?

PAC+CARE ADVANCED SERVICE is a PAC+CARE advanced clean and Fit for Purpose Inspection for your PPE/C. You should choose PAC+CARE ADVANCED SERVICE whenever an item of PPE/C is soiled to the extend that the soil cannot be sufficiently removed by Routine Cleaning. This level of service can be conducted on most items of PPE/C click here to find a list of all eligible items.

PAC+CARE 1851 SERVICE includes both an advanced clean in line with NFPA 1851 and an advanced inspection in line with NFPA 1851. You should choose PAC+CARE 1851 SERVICE every 12 months or when a routine inspection has highlighted potential issues with your PPE/C which may required further attention or repair. Find a list of eligible items here.

REPAIR Any damage identified during a PAC+CARE service will be recorded. The owner of the PPE/C will be contacted with a description and quote for the repair. No repairs will be carried out without approval from the owner.

I can’t book my gloves, hood, neck flap or bag in for PAC+CARE 1851 SERVICE, why not?

PAC+CARE 1851 SERVICE includes an Advanced Inspection in line with NFPA 1851. The purpose of an Advanced Inspection is to ensure that protective clothing and equipment remains fit for purpose throughout its operational life and detail points of concern that may need repair.

Some items of PPE/C, like Wildland / Level 1 gloves, boots, hoods and bags are not eligible for repair, PAC+CARE 1851 SERVICE which includes an Advanced Inspection is not required.

I can’t see my PPE/C brand in the dropdown list and when I click “other” the site says unavailable to book…

Different PPE/C manufacturers have different warranty terms. To maintain warranty on your PPE/C you may need to book it in with the manufacturers authorised service centre. If your brand does not appear in the helmet or garment dropdowns, please check with your PPE/C manufacturer for authorised service centre details.

Why can’t I book a repair?

We can’t charge you ahead of time for a repair because we won’t know how much work or material will be involved until the PPE/C is inspected.

If any areas of concern are identified during cleaning and inspection PAC+CARE will contact the PPE/C owner with a description and quote for repair.

Some items like Wildland / Level 1 Gloves, Boots, Bags etc, are not eligable for repair. If damage is identified during a PAC+CARE service the owner will be notified and replacement recommended.

I’m sending my PPE/C in for a PAC+CARE service, what address to I send it to?

Send your PPE/C to the PAC+CARE SERVICE CENTRE, 62 Link Drive, Yatala, QLD, 4207