1. Place your PPE/C in a your PPC transportation bag or a PAC+CARE service bag, then seal the bag.
• Double bag any items that may have been exposed to biological contaminants
• If you don’t have a PPC transportation bag or PAC+CARE service bag, a thick plastic bag, like a garbage bag will be suitable
! PAC+CARE recommends using PPE/C whilst handling soiled protective equipment and clothing

2. Place bagged PPE/C into a suitable shipping carton, address the carton to the PAC+CARE SERVICE CENTRE 62 Link Dr Yatala Qld 4207, or download and print our address labels

3. Complete you PPE/C service request
• Complete and prepay online at / PAC+CARE SERVICES
Fill in the online service request form
• Download and complete the PPE/C Service Request Form, then email the completed form to
! Please print a copy of your confirmation or photocopy your PPE/C service request form – place a copy in the shipping carton with you PPE/C

4. Seal the carton in both directions

5. Arrange collection and delivery with your transportation company